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Looking for Van Wall Powersports?

Traction Summit


This January 14th and 15th is a great opportunity to learn hands on about farm tire performance. Register by calling  217-257-2050 and learn more details by viewing this pdf:

Winter Tune-Up Special


Before you put your machine away for the winter, take advantage of our Winter Tune-up program. Now is a great time to service your unit before the harsh winter so it’s ready for next years season. Right now, we are offering special pricing that applies to most major manufacturers and free pickup and delivery. Services […]

Midnight Black Edition Gators


With 0% financing for 36 months and limited availability, these sleek, stealth Gators are sure to go quick.  

Green Fever


Enjoy special financing and/or dollars off during the Green Fever Sales Event. Click here to view a complete list of offers!

John Deere D-Series Skid Loaders Introduced


The new D-Series skid and track loaders have been introduced. These models have many industry leading and exclusive features: Engine Auto-Idle provides for increased fuel economy and lower noise levels. V-Plenum cooling provides for better machine cooling and easy cooler cleanout. The optional reversing hydraulic fan gives the operator a way to clean loose materials […]

John Deere D100 Series Introduced

John Deere D170

For model year 2011, new D100 Series Tractors replace the LA100 Series with a complete lineup of models that have new styling and features to maximize sales and profit: D100 – 17.5 hp*, five-speed, manual power take-off (PTO), 42-in. mower D110 – 19.5 hp*, automatic, manual PTO, 42-in. mower D120 – 21 hp*, automatic, manual PTO, 42-in. mower D130 – 22 […]